About This Book

A fascinating concise history of the British Empire in India

This book tells the story of what motivated Britons to venture out of their island nation, how they were sucked into Indian wars to protect their trade, how they defeated armies of Indian kings ten to twenty times larger than their own in exciting battles, and conquered the entire country within a century.

The book also describes how God promised to the patriarch Jacob that his descendants would be a colonizing people; the descendants of his grandson Manasseh would form a great nation and descendants of his grandson Ephraim would form a company, or commonwealth of nations. These promises were fulfilled by America and the British Commonwealth nations.  

How the British extirpated millennia-old social evils from India

The British did not rest after their conquests. The book describes how they transformed Indian society by abolishing Suttee (the age old practice of the wife jumping alive into the funeral pyre of her dead husband to be burned to ashes); destroying Thuggee (robbery practiced by hereditary assassins known as thugs who murdered millions) and the gangs of dacoits known as the Pindaris, and other social evils such as female infanticide and prohibitions against widow remarriage. 

It exposes the lies of those who clamor for reparations.

Those who argue for reparations cherry pick or fabricate statistics to claim that the British looted India. The book explains how with their irrigation projects alone, and then with the railways they built, the British gave back to India dozens of times more than what they took from India.  

A Blueprint for China to colonize parts of the world

China is using the British colonial experience in India as a blueprint to colonize large parts of the world. It's One Belt One Road initiative follows that blueprint. This will become clear in the book. That's why this book is a must read for a critical mass of 500-1000 political and business leaders, educators and historians in every nation so that they can take steps to prevent being colonized by China.


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