About the Author

Harmanjit Saini has been an accountant and business consultant for over 16 years. He came to the USA in 1981 to pursue a PhD in Marketing and discovered the sorry state of American manufacturing. He diagnosed that the cause was the so-called 'free-trade' where all nations were free to sell their goods and services in America while denying access to American goods and services as much as possible in their markets. He devised a model of Economic Development and International Trade, and then fought a battle single-handedly for 14 years to convince the world's leading economists, including Nobel prize winners, that their theories of International Trade were flawed. 

These theories posited that nations export products and services in which they have comparative advantage. And how do we know a nation has comparative advantage in a product? By the fact that the nation exports the product. That was circular reasoning. He also criticized the use of econometrics and the misuse of mathematics as tools for economic analysis, which was leading to such circular reasoning. He explained that certain economists inebriated with their mathematical ability had driven all right-thinking economists out of academia, government, and world banking institutions by labeling their analyses as unscientific as they did not use mathematics to perform their economic analyses.  

Saini's criticism finally caught the eye of some Nobel Prize winners in economics, including Milton Friedman, who realized that theories of international trade were in fact based on circular reasoning. It finally led to the worldwide acceptance of the model. The model also made recommendations to developed and developing nations for managing their respective economies. It is now used by nations around the world for national and regional planning for economic development. He has used that background to analyze the economic benefits of British rule to India.

He holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IITD) New Delhi, India, a MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), India, and a PhD Candidacy in Marketing and International Business from Northwestern University's J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Evanston, IL, USA. He is also licensed as a Certified Public Accountant. 

He is the author of two ancient world history books: “Satan vs God: A Brief History, From the Beginning to the Flood,” Volume I; and “Satan vs God: From the Flood to Abraham’s Call,” Volume II. Both volumes restore the seemingly lost, ‘more thrilling than fiction,’ pre-Flood and immediate post-Flood world history from ancient writings and the findings of archaeology. These books trace the origins of some of the social evils prevalent in India which the British extirpated. These are mentioned in the book.

He maintains a website, www.ChurchofGodMessage.com, based on his research into ancient world history and religions of the world.  

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