Helped the U.N. Become Relevant    

By the time Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, the U.N. had become irrelevant because many third world nations had ganged up against the USA and Britain and regularly criticized us in virtually every debate or issue at the U.N., despite being the largest payers of its expenses. As a result, the USA was taking actions unilaterally in most hot spots in the world, which further seemingly ‘justified’ the criticism, and generated hatred for the USA for its ‘arrogance.’ The USA simply started cold-shouldering the U.N. which made it irrelevant in world affairs.   

After Saddam Hussein’s invasion, advised the government of President George H.W. Bush to not act unilaterally, but first build consensus through the U.N. for intervention in Kuwait. The strategy was brilliantly successful and has become standard U.S. policy at the U.N. for potential intervention in hot spots around the world. It dissipated much of the hatred foreign nations had developed for the USA.   

This strategy also made the U.N. relevant in world affairs again, helping to end wars.    

Impact of Hybrid Grains on World Food Production   

Though problems with world food production practices using hybrid grain varieties had been well documented, nobody seemed to have realized the devastating impact they could have until I suggested taking positive action.   

The problem with hybrid varieties is that with each successive crop, the yield decreases. There is a substantial drop in yield after 3-4 successive crops. This means that with each successive crop, the grain degenerates. Ultimately the grain will not generate and produce a crop. They are also more susceptible to pest infestation and disease. Therefore, food production using hybrid varieties exclusively is not self-sustaining. If we convert all grain production to hybrid varieties, we will not have sufficient original grain varieties left in the world. In the worst-case scenario, many original varieties may become extinct. Since hybrid varieties after 4-5 successive crops will no longer yield a viable crop, worldwide starvation would be a stark reality. Therefore, organic farming is not enough. Organic farming with original grain varieties is a necessity worldwide.   

This has led to many nations taking steps to preserve all natural varieties of grains, thus averting a global catastrophe.   

Helped the Fight for Women’s Education    

Spoke out repeatedly against Islamic world’s suppression of Muslim women’s education in my weekly messages, and supported the work of Malala Yusufzai, the Nobel Prize winner for peace for the same issue.   

Spoke many times about mind-numbing decisions made against women in the Islamic world, particularly in cases of rape where women are punished. I fully understand that one puts one’s life in jeopardy when speaking against Islam. But I have felt the issue is too important for liberating 500 million females in the Islamic world for the gross injustices done against them. 

For the same reason I have spoken out against the honor killings of women in Pakistan which has finally led to the government in Pakistan to recognize that the state has an interest in prosecuting the murderers.   

Self-Published Author   

Author of three self-published books.   

1. Britain Does Not Owe Reparations to Its Former Colonies (Published July 2017 by Create Space, LLC, an Amazon Company), www.BritainDoesNotOweReparations.com.   

In a debate held at the Oxford Union on May 28, 2015, distinguished debaters argued that Britain owes reparations to her former colonies because she ruled them for her own benefit, looted their wealth, benefited from slavery, maintained her rule through brutality, undermined social traditions and dehumanized native populations.   

These notions ran counter to my view that British rule was very beneficial for India. This sensational book provides a concise history of British conquests in India, following an atrocity called “The Black Hole of Calcutta,” and how British victories established rule of law out of anarchy and turmoil.    

While not glossing over shortcomings of British rule, the book details its successes in extirpating social evils such as suttee, female infanticide and thuggee; its far-reaching reforms, and transformation of Indian agriculture and commerce with extensive irrigation and railway projects.    

The book powerfully refutes the main arguments for reparations, exposing the misuse of statistics taken out of context to propagate falsehoods; proves that the so-called 'drain of India's wealth' was a mere fraction of the wealth created by British rule through increased agricultural output alone. It exposes the fifth column of German masqueraders, well represented among colonial rulers, who committed most of the brutalities in India.   

More information on the book is provided on the book web site www.BritainDoesNotOweReparations.com.   

2. SATAN vs. GOD: A BRIEF HISTORY; From the Beginning to the Flood”; Volume 1 (Published by Xulon Press, 2008)   

This is the first of two ancient history books. After extensive research from ancient history sources and findings of archaeology these two volumes restore world history that had seemingly been lost. These are original works. No book like them exists in the market.   

This volume traces the origins of our civilization. It describes the sobering history of the universe, and of man from the creation of Adam and Eve, and how their son Cain sold himself to work evil. His descendants followed in his footsteps that led the world to its doom in the Flood. It describes the world-famous characters in the pre-Flood world and the evils they were practicing. It describes the two world wars that were fought before Noah’s Flood, one between the Olympian 'gods' (who were deified human beings) and the Titan ‘gods’ (also deified human beings), and the second between the 'gods' and the Giants. The book approximate dates important pre-Flood events.   

3. SATAN vs. GOD: From the Flood to Abraham's Call," Volume 2 (Published by Xulon Press, January 2009).   

This volume covers the time from the Flood to first 4 centuries after the Flood, or approximately the time Abraham left Mesopotamia to settle in the land of Canaan. It describes the origins of our present world civilization immediately after the Flood, origin of major world religions and nations, and how ancient world tyrants went about building empires through intrigue and conquest, when the world population was only in the tens of thousands to about a million. It provides accurate dates for most events.   

Maintenance of a Web site on Religion (09/26/2006 – Present)   

Maintain an extensive web site (www.ChurchofGodMessage.com) that contains books and booklets written by me on my research into religion.    


1988  University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI 

Accounting courses to become eligible to take the CPA exam. GPA of 3.93/4.00. Passed CPA exam in first attempt with top marks (95/100 in Accounting Practice – 2 exams, and 94/100 in Accounting theory).   

1981 – 1984 J.L. Kellogg Grad School of Mgmt., Northwestern, Evanston, IL 

PhD Candidate in Marketing with minor in International Business. Full tuition scholarship and fellowship throughout studies at Northwestern. Reviewed the entire strategic planning literature which has enabled me to make many business strategy recommendations described in my accomplishments.   

1979 – 1981  Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, India 

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (MBA) from one of the best business schools in India, with majors in Finance and Marketing. Placed 3rd overall on School honor roll. Awarded Government of India scholarship, and Bank of America Scholarship.   

1968 – 1974 Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India  

Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from one of the top engineering schools in India.     


   Licensed as a CPA in Wisconsin.