I have offered many recommendations for maintaining good health, healing and preventing diseases, which have been breakthrough discoveries. All these suggestions were based on personal experiences.  

The response of doctors and the healthcare industry to most diseases is to treat the symptoms, usually with surgery, rather than eliminating the root causes of the diseases.  Someday soon I hope to write a comprehensive book on my experiments with health with some more research to describe functions of the body and the role of diet and nutrition play in maintaining good health accurately in correct medical terms, incorporating more of my own experiences. Till then, here are some of the recommendations I have made with a brief history:

 Causes of Digestive System Failure

 1) At the age of 43, I experienced a major digestive system failure. I usually ate two eggs for breakfast, and meat for lunch and dinner. I had begun to experience delay in digestion of food. It took an entire day to digest my breakfast, and even in the evening I did not feel hungry. But I had dinner anyway. Eating meat caused my body to emit a strong, nauseating odor. It finally came to a stage when one morning I had two eggs and toast and within an hour I doubled over with pain. My body had simply stopped digesting the normal food I was eating.  

I felt as if I had only six months to live because I was unable to eat anything except vegetables and my body had begun to experience a great deal of pain. 

I immediately talked to my brother Dr. Wadbhag Singh Saini, who is a dentist and discussed the matter with him, because he had a similar experience about 4 years earlier. He advised me to cut out all the fats and oils and protein from my diet immediately and eat only whole grains. I also had to cut out sugar in my case because of problem of bacteria in my body. I could eat vegetables. I would have to do this till my body recovered. Then I could work back the proteins, and fats and oils back into my diet. I followed his advice. Here are the discoveries I made.


a) Within a few days I was able to eat whole grains and vegetables without any Indian spices (which have a high calorific value and are relatively harder to digest).


b) In about 3 months I was able to slowly work back proteins and fats into my diet. 

Then I made the mistake of thinking that my body had fully recovered and went back to my original eating habits, though eating less, and still avoiding foods very high in fat content. I experienced the same failure of organs again. In addition, I began to experience failure of kidneys which seemed to have swelled and felt like two very painful large stones in my body. It was very difficult to sleep comfortably. I also began to experience pain in my heart and chest. I realized that my heart was laboring to pump blood which would eventually lead to heart failure. Another symptom was breathlessness. 

I went back to the same formula of cutting out fats and oils, proteins, Indian spices and sugar and recovered. I had to go through the same situation a few more times because of the tendency to think that the body had fully recovered and I could go back to eating a sufficient calorie diet to maintain my lifestyle of jogging and exercising. Each time it was easier to recover as I had discovered the formula. My strong motivation to discover natural remedies was that I hated the prospect of submitting myself to any surgeon’s scalpel. I wanted to discover all possible ways of healing my diseases naturally before having any organs removed, or allow a surgeon to patch up any organs. I understood that if I did not address the root causes of the problems, I would have to continue to be treated by regular doctors and surgeons. Another motivating factor was that I had no health insurance. No doctor or surgeon may have treated me without health insurance.


Based on these experiences, trial and error based on my understanding of how the human body functions, I made the following discoveries over a period of about twenty years. 

2) I recognized that the health care industry and doctors generally treat symptoms of diseases rather than working on removing the causes. I have stressed this time and time again, and advocated discovering the causes of diseases and removing them to allow the body to heal itself. Once the cause is removed, the body does heal itself. Since the body heals itself, most surgeries are unnecessary, unless a person has allowed his body to deteriorate so much that it will no longer heal itself.  

The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is true. The way to discover the causes of your ailment is to test out what foods are causing your sickness by eliminating one food at a time and monitoring how your body responds. The process can be less painful and quicker if one knows what kind of foods cause what kind of general health problems. I cannot advise on food allergies as I have not experienced them. But as a general rule, avoid eating the same food again and again except the staples, grains, eggs and milk. Eat a wide variety of foods. Do not keep eating steak, potatoes and cheese every day for every meal, and orange juice as the only fruit and green beans as the only vegetable.   

3) Whatever we eat, the body has no choice but to process it. There is no way to bypass the digestive system. Sometimes we tend to overeat due to taste. A major cause of failure of organs of the digestive system is overeating, and eating too much of the harder to digest foods such as fats and oils, including whole milk. By overeating, a person wears down his organs prematurely by making them work harder to digest the food. They do not get sufficient time to rest and recover during the day. That should be easy to understand from the example of our machines today. If they are used continuously, they will wear down quicker in terms of time.  However, if one changes one’s eating habits, organ deterioration can usually be reversed. But the organs do not fully recover to their original health. In effect, there is a net wearing down of the organs with each bout of overuse due to overeating or eating hard to digest foods.  

For example, kidneys filter and purify the blood by removing excess chemicals or nutrients from the body which either the body does not need and does not fully absorb, or can no longer absorb due to premature wearing down. If a person eats too much salt, the kidneys have to remove the excess salt from the blood. If a person does this every day, kidneys will wear out sooner because they will be over worked in removing the salt from the blood. This eventually leads to kidney disease. If we eat too much protein, then some of the broken-down compounds are not absorbed by the body and have to be filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. Eating too much of the same foods will wear down the kidneys, leading to kidney disease. However, when a person reduces the intake of such foods, such as salt, or excess proteins, pressure on the kidneys is relieved and they eventually recover. This is how kidney disease can be reversed.  

The regular urologists thought there was no real solution for reversing kidney disease. So when the disease had advanced far enough, they would recommend dialysis or kidney transplants. I have reversed my kidney problems about 3-4 times and have learnt what I need to do in terms of food intake and nutrition so that I have been free of kidney trouble for more than a decade.  

4) When the kidneys show symptoms of breakdown and we take action to reverse the decline, the kidneys may recover to 80-90%, but not a full 100%. If the person thinks he has recovered and goes back to the same eating habits, kidneys will decline again. This next round of reversal of the decline may lead to recovery up to 70-80% only. The guiding principal, therefore, is that organs do not recover to a full 100%. So, the person must make changes to his diet to not wear down the organs of the digestive system.  

5) I suffered similar problems with my heart as I experienced with my kidneys. I had literal pain in my heart and chest, and knew that my heart was laboring to pump blood through my body. My heartbeat was routinely more than 100 beats a minute many times. Pumping blood is what keeps other organs functioning. That’s why a creature’s life is in the blood.   

I diagnosed that the problem was caused by the harder to digest fats and oils, nuts and whole milk. I had to eliminate these foods from my diet till my heart recovered. I was able to reverse my heart problems. I slowly worked these foods back into my diet later. But as one gets older, one cannot eat food at the same level without prematurely wearing down the digestive system. It is a well understood principle that barring other causes, a person who limits his calorie intake (or in other words eats less; or eats to live rather than lives to eat) of food to an optimum level lives longer. The key is to know how many calories your particular body needs to maintain good health; neither overeating, nor eating too little and being starved of proper nutrition and becoming thin and unhealthy is the guiding principle. 

6) There is much fake news about the use of fats and oils and about their supposed benefits. If one were to believe all the doctors and nutritionists pushing fats and oils, one would think that the key to staying healthy is to consume a good amount of ‘good’ fats and oils such as fish oils, lots of nuts, olive oil, canola oil etc. From my experience, it is a recipe for quickly wearing down organs of the digestive system, leading to heart disease which will have to pump blood furiously to help digest these hard to digest foods. 

My experience tells me that one should reduce the amount of fats and oils (including using oil for cooking, in dressings, butter, nuts, whole milk) as one gets older. If one does not do that, it will wear out the digestive system early, which will lead to heart disease. 

That being said, one must understand that fats and oils are absolutely essential for a healthy body as they are an essential part of each cell. Because of my digestive system failure, I had to eliminate fats and oils completely to allow my body to recover. Here are the symptoms I experienced as a result.  

The walls of my blood vessels became thin and often burst in my mouth and eyes. A blood vessel would burst in my mouth every couple of days and a blister would form filled with blood. I would have to burst it with a toothpick to release the blood. Then it would take two or three days to heal, which was a painful process. Similarly, blood vessels would burst in my eyes with stinging pain and my eyes would become red. 

Due to elimination of fats and oils, all organs of my body were no longer supple and became stiff. As a result, my stomach and bladder capacity reduced. I had to go to the bathroom frequently. When I was able to work fats and oils back into my diet, organs became supple again and normal functions were restored. 

Fats and oils are also needed to keep the skin lubricated. When I was unable to eat sufficient amount of fats and oil, my body would use a part of the absorbed fats and oils which came from the whole grains to help maintain the skin healthy. But that would not leave sufficient fats and oils for the rest of the body to function properly. So internal organs became stiff. Then I had to massage my body with oil so that the skin would need less of the absorbed fats and oils which would then be utilized by the rest of the body. That’s how I was able to stop the frequency of blood vessels bursting in my mouth and eyes. I still apply oil to my body and head twice a week.  

What are the symptoms that a person is eating more fats and oils than the body needs? If you have oily skin, it’s a sure sign that you are eating far too much fats and oils than your body needs. Food is taking longer to digest is another sign. Other signs would be general digestive system deterioration leading to breathlessness; heartbeat rising as the heart is laboring to pump blood through clogged arteries, and to digest the hard to digest food. And of course, if you are obese, then you are simply eating much more food than your body needs, unless you have a genetic predisposition. 

Again, overeating is a major cause of digestive system failure, that also leads to heart failure and renal (kidney) failure. How can one know quickly if one is overeating or eating hard to digest foods and stop it before it causes major health problems? Some of the symptoms are obesity, food taking long to digest, using the bathroom for a big excuse more than once a day and at odd times, and elimination problems.    

I got caught up in the barrage of publicity of fish oil supplements and started taking them. After about 2-3 months, it led to deterioration of my digestive system and heart. I immediately stopped fish oil supplements and my body recovered again. But of course, I know that my body needs oils and fish oils are good for the body. I started eating fish, including oily fish such as salmon with the aid of red wine. My body can digest fish, but cannot handle fish oil supplements. Therefore, instead of fish oil supplements, I would recommend eating fish in general along with oily fish such as salmon. 

So please avoid acting on the fake news about changing your diet to include lots more fats and oils for maintaining good health. Doctors and nutritionists are pedaling the idea that most of your calories should come from good fats and oils. They are inverting the traditional pyramid by recommending that fats and oils should be the primary source of calories and energy, followed by proteins and then carbohydrates and sugars. Stick to the traditional food pyramid. Fats and oils are necessary for maintaining good health but in moderate quantities. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for heart disease, giving your body up to surgeons to remove or patch up your organs, and painful premature death. The prospect of that is what motivated me so strongly that I took the trouble to research ways of healing my body naturally. I literally have not had to see a doctor for healing any of my ailments in more than 40 years. 

By the way, I have found that CoQ10 supplement does work in strengthening the heart and I take it every day. More about supplements later. 

7) The body does not leave a person without warning. It always gives warnings about health problems rather quickly through pain signals. For example, if kidneys are being overworked, they will eventually swell up and feel like stones, causing a great deal of discomfort and pain. One will feel breathless and will be unable to sleep. When that happens, it is time to take immediate action to reverse the disease by releasing the pressure on the kidneys or the heart. Most people ignore these signals and continue to bear the pain until it is too late. The more one delays taking action to reverse the disease, the harder it will be to recover. Eventually organs can deteriorate so much that the body can no longer heal them naturally. That’s when the person has to give himself over to the ‘care’ of doctors. 

8) There are 3 stages of recovery, depending on the ailment. Each stage depends of the time it takes for particular cells in the body to renew and be replaced. The body renews some cells quickly, others in about 3 months, others in about 2 years, and still others in about 7 years. In about 7 years the body renews all cells in the body. First recovery stage is in about 3 months. The next in about 2 years and then finally about 7 years when all the cells in the body are renewed. It is also very important to remember that once the causes of the sickness are removed, the body begins to recover and heal itself. But it never recovers to 100% of its old level. Normal tendency is to think one has fully recovered and the person can now go back to eating the same amount and kind of foods eaten earlier. But the same trouble will rise again. The body can recover again, but it will never recover to the level when it started deteriorating. Therefore, with each successive bout of wearing down of the body, recovery will be to a lower level. 

I will explain for which problem I am working on a seven-year program, and I know it is working. 

Controlling Growth of Germs in the Body

 I Suggested many ways to control the growth of germs in the body. Some natural foods serve this function very well when used in moderation. For example, yoghurt, fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut, and probiotics supplements prevent the growth of harmful germs in the body. Garlic and ginger kill bacteria on contact. Many Indian spices (also known as Garam Masala, which is a blend of various ground spices such as coriander, cumin, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg among others; also used with turmeric) not only add great flavor to food, but also enter the blood stream and kill bacteria. Wine (the best is red wine) also kills harmful bacteria in the body. It is one of the most effective ways to kill bacteria. Beer on the other hand performs no such function and in fact allows harmful bacteria to grow. Tea and coffee also help kill germs to a lesser extent. Modest amount of natural raw honey also helps kill germs.  

The history behind the discovery that Indian spices help control germs is this. There was a period when I had a refrigerator that did not keep food cold enough. As a result, bacteria multiplied in the food and also then multiplied in my body. Symptoms I experienced were itching all over the body, skin between the toes and the thigh joints becoming raw, and a general feeling of lethargy. Because of my general digestive system failure, I had to give up using Indian spices in my food for about six months. After my body recovered somewhat, I decided to work back the spices into my food. Literally within two days my lethargy went away, and within a few more days the raw skin healed. I have never had the symptom of raw skin ever again.  

Sure Cures for the Common Cold, Cough and Being ‘Under the Weather’ 

Mankind has struggled to find a cure for the common cold and cough, and for being generally ‘under the weather.’ I have suggested four ways to cure cold and cough very quickly.  

A) Relatively spicy food regularly prepared with Indian garam masala, ginger, garlic, onions, hot peppers (or red chillies), turmeric, mint, cilantro, tomatoes etc. prevents coughs and colds. Probiotics supplements, or fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut also help control germs  

B) Blend of garlic, ginger and honey, about a tea spoon taken three times a day will usually cure the cough and cold within a couple of days, depending on the severity. This is a formula provided by my dentist brother Dr. Wadbhag Singh Saini.  

C)  Wine, and particularly red wine  

D) Eating a high calorie dinner and then going to sleep with heavy clothing and covers to sweat it out for the night. By the morning, the cough and cold will be gone. If it is more severe, do it for another night. The theory is that fever is a reaction of the body to kill the germs that have invaded the body and are causing the cough and cold. High body temperature kills the germs. Similarly, a high calorie diet and warn clothing will raise the body temperature which will kill the cold and cough germs. I observed my aunt do this and have tried it many times and has never failed to produce the desired result.

 A general caution that “more is not always better’ applies to the use of spices. Use of too much hot peppers and chillies can cause serious problems such as burning holes in the stomach and intestines. Use everything in moderation.