Restoring PH Balance (Acidity/Alkalinity) in the Body

At one time, I had a severe bacteria problem in my body and sugar aggravated the problem. I had to give up eating sugars and fruit. But I had digestion problems as well and needed to eat high fiber food to continue to keep the food moving through the digestive system and for proper elimination. So, I ate more cooked vegetables. For the same reason, I used steamed vegetable with my breakfast. My digestion problems worsened and as years passed I could digest less and less meat and other proteins such as beans. After about 3-4 years I finally reached a stage when my body simply would not digest any food, including even a meal of bread and vegetables. That problem was quickly solved by use of digestive enzymes. But as time passed, I had to use more enzymes to digest the same amount of food. My digestive system was continuing to deteriorate further. Finally, it came to a stage when I could not use even two tablespoons full of skim milk in my tea or coffee.

Then the cause of the problem and the solution hit me. Vegetables are alkaline foods. But to breakdown and digest foods highly acidic gastric juices are required. By eating too much vegetables I had made my body alkaline. Hence it was no longer producing the acidic digestive juices in sufficient quantity and strength to digest the food. The solution was obvious. I immediately gave up eating too much vegetables, and started using acidic fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, berries, granny smith apples etc with my breakfast. My body began to restore the Ph balance, to make it more acidic. Now I can eat all the foods again, and with less enzymes. But since my body took 7 years to deteriorate, it will take seven years to fully recover and become capable of producing enough acidic gastric juices to be able to digest the food without enzymes. I am into the 4th year of the program and have already seen very significant improvements. 

The lessons learnt from this experience are that if a person is eating too much food high in proteins (which are made up of amino acids), then the body will become too acidic and the person will experience problems such as acid reflux, heartburn, or even leading to holes in the stomach and intestines. The acidity can be controlled and the PH balance in the body restored with alkaline foods such as vegetables. But one must guard against going to the other extreme and the body becoming too alkaline. If the body becomes too alkaline, then the individual will require digestive enzymes to digest food. In that case the individual will have to reduce intake of alkaline foods and use more acidic foods such as proteins and fruits.   

This is a breakthrough discovery. There was a general impression in the nutritionist community that acidity in the body was responsible for causing too many health problems, and one could not go wrong by eating plenty of salads and vegetable. Some were even drinking alkaline water. When people changed their diets to incorporate more salads and vegetables and suffered digestion and other related health problems, it was not realized that the problems were caused by the body becoming too alkaline and not producing enough acidic digestive juices to help digest food properly. But this breakthrough understanding has stopped the needless suffering. One should never need to use antacids. I used them at one time, but discovered that they help only for a few days. I had to discontinue them completely as they caused problems in other areas of the body.  

Use of Vitamins and Other Supplements 

There has been a controversy whether vitamins and supplements are a waste of money or can help maintain good health. I was forced to find the answer to this question the hard way. I came to a stage where I needed enzymes and probiotics to survive. I have also found joint supplements help and have enabled me to keep exercising by walking briskly. CoQ10 supplements are good for heart health. I still have to use wine to help digest some foods, which leaches calcium from the bones to neutralize its acidity while passing through the digestive system. Milk and milk products are the best source of calcium. But I also use calcium supplements to maintain bone health. So, my conclusion is that supplements do work. But I am careful to avoid having too many supplements, and use only those that are necessary for me. I do not use every supplement that is being hawked around. In the case of vitamins and supplements, as little as possible is better. But supplements do work. 

Managing Weight Loss 

I have not had any difficult problem with my weight. But at one time I weighed 140 lbs, whereas my good healthy weight should be about 120 – 125 lbs. I used a very simple formula for weight loss. I never saw it fail. I simply minimized the fats and oils in my food, kept my normal protein content, but used more fruits and vegetables to fill up and not feel hungry. I also exercised in moderation (3-4 times a week, jogged 1-2 miles when I could, and did free hand exercises after that). The problem usually is more with self-discipline and will power to eat less and not indulge the taste buds to the fullest extent.  

I have offered suggestions for maintaining eye and dental health, which I will add later