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Why this book?

The book was motivated by the debate held at the Oxford University Union on May 28, 2015 on the motion "This House believes Britain Does Owe Reparations," and the lies told by some debaters to argue for reparations. Read about the arguments advanced by them.

How the British conquered India

This section provides a sample of the battles fought by the British in India, why they were forced to fight them, and how they won against heavy odds.

Social evils extirpated by the British in India

Excerpts from the book are provided on how the British rooted out one of the social evils from India known as Thuggee and rid the country of the hereditary assassins who practiced it by murdering more than two million travelers, pilgrims and even soldiers in order to loot them.

Reforms carried out by the British in India

To illustrate how Indians have benefited tremendously from British reforms, this section describes how the British decided to teach English to Indians despite arguments against it. 

Misrepresentations by Shashi Tharoor to argue for reparations

Shashi Tharoor, a member of India's parliament took part in the debate and then to cash in on its popularity he wrote a book titled "An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India." This section provides a sample of the misrepresentations in his book and the lies of some others that are exposed in "Britain Does Not Owe Reparations to Its Former Colonies."

About the Author

Section explains the author Harmanjit Singh Saini's educational background and experience, and why he is qualified to write this book.

Where to Buy

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